When a person is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction one of the most common emotions they experience and struggle with is loneliness. They feel as if no one else has the same struggle or no one can understand their struggle. Or worse, they feel like no one can help them overcome their addiction.

Being a Christian and a Pastor of a local, Bible-believing community I hold firmly to specific truths that give me hope there is help for myself and anyone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. And these truths are found in a person, Jesus Christ. Why do I believe and say that?

First, Jesus created us. He created the universe (and everything included within) and it continues to exist because He desires it to, and He maintains the world He created by His eternal power. He created me for His pleasure and desires for me to know Him and live to please Him.

Knowing I have a creator who knows me thoroughly (inside and out) gives me hope because He can correctly diagnose my problems. Diagnosing the problem (addiction) correctly is the first step towards a real rescue.

Second, the Bible says I should not be ashamed of Jesus because He is the power of God to salvation. That’s what it means by calling Him the “good news” (Rom. 1:16). Many people will not allow themselves to assent to this truth, but it is the second step towards real rescue because Jesus has the “power” to deliver or rescue a person from any addiction.

Because of this, I must present Jesus as THE answer, not simply an answer among many others! You see, faith works from the “inside out” versus other options which target education & character improvement. Faith in Jesus transforms a person from within and unleashes God’s power, giving a person the desire and the ability to “just say no”. Educating a person about the dangers of drug abuse is a very good deed and modeling a good life before others is also a very good deed, but we all need help from “within”. And Jesus is the only person with the “power” or ability to transform us from within.

Lastly, I believe all our human efforts at drug prevention (which are good efforts) can only be accomplished under the umbrella of submission to Jesus. He is the silver bullet we seek and don’t believe exists for the woes of humanity. He is the “power of God to salvation for all who will believe in him”.

If you are seeking help for an addiction or want to know more about how to prevent drug abuse from God’s perspective, I want you to know our church wants to help you and we can give you answers from the Bible.

Jesus wants to help you, but it must be on His terms. Why? Because His terms are good. They are correct. And they work!

By Faith,
Pastor Darrin Forehand

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