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The Life of Jesus

As we learn about Jesus’ life chronologically through the Bible we find it is a wonderful walk through history. It coverts both historical facts as well as timeless truths that we need to know for today’s life. Even before Jesus was born, his arrival to earth was predicted in ancient writings. The timing of his arrival was perfect according to scripture, and his life and miracles continue to teach, instruct and even confuse many of us today. With the Bible being our source, we have studied [more…]


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You Are Not Alone

When a person is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction one of the most common emotions they experience and struggle with is loneliness. They feel as if no one else has the same struggle or no one can understand their struggle. Or worse, they feel like no one can...

Blessings We Have From Our Father in Heaven

I was meditating on last Sunday's message "Happy Father's Day" along with previous messages I recently preached from Matthew 6 and was reminded again of the privileges that accompany having a Heavenly Father. ​ Here are few reminders . . . aka. . . blessings that...

5 Q’s for Evolutionists from

The Genesis Park is primarily focused on the evidence that men and dinosaurs co-existed. But this necessarily raises questions involving the origins debate (creation vs evolution). It should come as no surprise that an organization with Genesis in its name stands up...

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