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Articles written by our own family and friends as well as thought provoking lessons about our God and improving our walk with Jesus.

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The Life of Jesus

As we learn about Jesus’ life chronologically through the Bible we find it is a wonderful walk through history. It coverts both historical facts as well as timeless truths that we need to know for today’s life. Even before Jesus was born, his arrival to earth was predicted in ancient writings. The timing of his arrival was perfect according to scripture, and his life and miracles continue to teach, instruct and even confuse many of us today. With the Bible being our source, we have studied [more…]


News & Stories

On The Pursuit of Happiness

Words mean things.  Unfortunately, with a living, dynamic language, words have a way of having their meaning changed because of the way we use them.  In the so-called “dead” languages such as Latin, ancient Hebrew, and ancient Greek, the meanings of words...

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it surprise you that a church would even put this question in an FAQ? It shouldn’t. You see, there is only one place you can find the answer to this question. It’s in the Bible, God’s word for us. According to Revelation 4:11 we exist because God desired to...

8 Reasons To Memorize Scripture

Psalms 119:11- I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. 1. Memorizing scripture makes meditation possible at times when you can't be reading the Bible and mediation is the pathway to deeper understanding. If you are going to meditate...

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