Adult Classes
Children’s Sunday School
9:15 AM

Worship Service
10:30 AM

Evening Study
6:00 PM

We can't wait to meet you!

We want to help you plan your visit. If we miss anything you want to know more about, then call, email, or text. We’re looking forward  to your visit!

Let us know you are planning to visit and we’ll make it easier for you to quickly find your way around. We will be prepared for any of your needs.


Wolfeboro Bible

533 Center St.
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

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Front Door drop off option

Feel free to drop off your passengers at the front door. On rainy days or if you need extra help, one of our ushers will be there to assist you.


Where do I park?

Park at the end of the building. Use the walkway in the front of the building and enter the double doors.

If you arrive for the earlier Adult Bible class and Children’s Sunday school, you may use the back entrance. Our classrooms are downstairs.



Which way do I go to enter?

After you enter the front doors, you will find restrooms to your left.

When you walk straight ahead you will find our main auditorium then the children’s toddler and nursery area.

A program of the events of the day and announcments is printed for your convenience.

Is there an area for my children during the main service time?

Our children’s toddler and nursery rooms are separate with an adjoining door. The rooms are clean and equipped with appropriate toys or story books. The staff is warm and friendly and of course, the nursery workers love to hold the babies.

No worry, if your attention is needed by your child, an usher will contact you during the service.


What is the service like?

We enjoy a variety of traditional hymns as well as many new choruses. Our pianist is familiar with many songs from a variety of sources.

A combination of worship songs, announcements about upcoming events, prayer for one-another and intercession for others is regularly part of the order of service.

Services start at 10:30 and dismiss between 11:30 and 11:55.

What’s the Pastor and sermon like?

Pastor Darrin Forehand’s friendly and engaging style makes him easy to meet and get to know. 

Pastor Darrin often reminds us of our need to see ourselves as real people, with real problems, and need a real savior from sin. 

Sermons run between 30 and 45 minutes and are Bible-based in style. You can listen to some sermons here on SoundCloud.

Sunday evening services are more casual and often become Bible studies with questions and discussions.

Learn more about Pastor Darrin here.


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