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June 21, 10:30 AM

– Pastor Darrin Forehand

Sunday May 24, 10:30 AM

“Good Things Come In Small Packages” –  Luke 13:18-20

– Pastor Darrin Forehand

Sunday May 24, 10:30 AM

“Good Things Come In Small Packages” –  Luke 13:18-20

– Pastor Darrin Forehand


April 26 10:30 AM

– Pastor Darrin Forehand

April 19 10:30 AM

“Preparing for the Second Coming”

– Pastor Darrin Forehand

EASTER Sunday April 12 10:30 AM

“Why Jesus is Our Hope”

LIVE – EASTER Sunday April 12 10:30 AM

Sermon Title “Why Jesus is Our Hope”

Our Hope Is In Jesus’ Resurrection!
Matthew 28:1-15 & John 20:1-18
The Resurrection validates the death of Jesus! Without His resurrection
the death of Jesus is worthless. But it proves God accepted the sacrifice
as the punishment for sin.

 1 – The Empty Tomb is evidence of the Resurrection. 20:2 &

Matthew 28:6. A reason for JOY!

2 – The Angel’s testimony is proof of Jesus’ Resurrection.
Matt 28:6

3 – His physical body proves His Resurrection.
Matt 28:9 John 20:3

4 – His disciples’ lack of belief proves the theft theory wrong.
John 20:2 & 13

Application Points:
1) “Believe” the reliable biblical account of Jesus’ resurrection!
John 20:31
2) If you will not believe the written, historical record you will
not believe if someone rises from the dead. Luke 16: 29-31
3) Belief/Trust is superior than being “convinced”- John 20:29

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Sunday April 5 10:30 AM

Title: Living without Anxiety – Part 2 – Luke 12:29-34

5 – God is our Father. Vs. 29-32
Worry fails to understand the paternity of God.

Personal God
Omniscient God – Our Father “knows”
His Kingdom must dominate our thinking.

6 – God Loves to Give His Kingdom! Vs 32
Worry fails to understand the pleasure of God.

Your ‘treasure’ is found in what dominates your thinking. You ‘seek’ after what
you treasure and because of that your ‘heart’ or inner man loves that most.

Allow this pandemic to recalibrate where your treasures are.

Sunday March 29 10:30 AM

 Title: Living Without Anxiety – Luke 12:22-34


  1. You Exist for God’s Glory – Not to consume food & decorate your body.
  2. God provides for the animal kingdom and obligates  Himself to provide for His Children.
  3. God determines the span of your life.
  4. God exposes our anxieties as ‘ little faith’.

Conclusion: All of the material things in our world are used to reveal our inner sins! And God wants to deal with the sin within!

Sunday March 22 10:30 AM

 Title: Think before you Interrupt – Luke 12:13-21



The Context: Jesus is interrupted by a stranger

The Parable along side this Principle – vs. 16-21

Conclusion: It is not about money but your attitude and use of your possessions. Ar you becoming wealthy towards God?

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