This past Sunday I preached from John 4 and began explaining the passage of Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well near the village of Sychar. I know the main theme or point of this passage is Jesus’ revealing Himself to her as the Messiah (vs. 26), but another aspect of this section has emerged to me and I have been meditating on it. And that is the truth that Jesus, being God, possesses omniscience. I have chosen to articulate it with this sentence: Jesus knows everything about everyone all the time. 

JesusKnowsThis is the second time that Jesus reveals omniscient details to a person about their life. The first incident was in John 1 where Jesus tells Nathanael that He saw him under the fig tree before Philip called him. Philip immediately recognized Jesus as the Savior because only God could have known such a fact about Him. He was alone sitting under the fig tree, but we’re never really alone are we?

The second instance is recorded in John 4 and Jesus, wanting to show the Samaritan woman her need of repentance, told her about her five previous marriages and the fact she was living with a man without being married to him. She immediately recognized Jesus as a prophet.

The point I have been rehearsing over in my mind is this: Jesus knows everything about everyone all the time. This truth can be either comforting or convicting (bring guilt). Nathanael was comforted by the truth Jesus saw him because he was a man of integrity and was seeking the Messiah. The Samaritan woman was brought under conviction because her sinful lifestyle was being exposed.

But both people eventually responded by submitting themselves to Christ. Allow this truth to motivate you to submit to Christ. If you want to please the Lord take comfort knowing everything happening to you is seen by God. And if you are running from the Lord, don’t try to “hide” from Him. It’s impossible to hide from the Creator and one who see all things at all times! Choose transparency and submission!

Contributed by Darrin Forehand


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