What is the meaning of life?

Does it surprise you that a church would even put this question in an FAQ? It shouldn’t. You see, there is only one place you can find the answer to this question. It’s in the Bible, God’s word for us. According to Revelation 4:11 we exist because God desired to create mankind for the purpose of relating to Him. That is why He created us in His image (Genesis 1:26-28). We have the ability to communicate with God, and He wants to have a relationship with us! God also created us to have ‘dominion’ over the earth. This means we are the Earth’s managers or caretakers. God, in His goodness, has given the Earth to mankind, and we are privileged to enjoy all it offers but also to take care of it. This includes the animal kingdom and all its natural resources. This is why you exist!

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Was it you or a friend or a family member that got hurt or is sick or something bad? Maybe it’s just your concern for your fellow human beings when you ask this question. The straight forward answer to this question is: Bad (evil) things happen to everyone because of the presence of sin. No one is immune or can escape from the reality that we live in an imperfect world where horrible things and events occur. God is not the author of this evil (sin) but has told us why this happens. It started all the way back in the beginning when Adam & Eve (God’s first created humans) disobeyed God (Genesis 3). Due to that deliberate decision to disobey God we experience evil in our life. Evil takes many forms (tragedy, disasters, crime, etc) but the root cause is that mankind is inherently sinful and needs to be delivered from this condition. 

Can a loving God really allow bad things to happen?

Can we agree on one thing? Yes, bad things happen. But blaming God for the evil in the world or questioning God’s motives will not change anything and will only take you further from the answer which is a relationship with Him. God, in His infinite wisdom, purposes to use evil for His plan, can bring good out of evil (Genesis 50:20) and has ultimately conquered evil for us through Jesus Christ. 

The truthful reality, though it can be difficult to accept, is that God has allowed the existence of evil, so that, we can know and experience his love in delivering us from evil. Without the presence of evil we would never fully know and understand God’s love for us and the great extent to which He went to deliver us from evil (Romans 8:31-39). 

How can you really know there is a Heaven?

The best place to find the truth about the place called Heaven is in the Bible. According to the Bible Heaven is a real place that Jesus taught (John 14:1-2 & Luke 15). It is a place we will live with God and relate to Him until He recreates the ‘new heavens & earth’ (Revelation 21). 

Can I know for sure I’m going to go to Heaven when I die?

It’s true, all living things die. It’s been that way from the start of time. So does death mean it’s all over or do we live “forever”? Maybe you’ll be surprised to know that death is NOT the end of our lives. For those who have been ‘born again’ as Jesus said in John 3, Heaven will be there their home after we die physically. Having absolute assurance of Heaven is one of the greatest benefits of being a child of God. But God has told us that no ‘sin’ can enter Heaven where He dwells. So we must understand and accept God’s way of removing our sin in order to have this assurance of Heaven. 

Jesus, God’s Son, took human form and lived a sinless life. He then willingly sacrificed Himself, in our place, in order to pay the penalty for our sins (past, present & future). He then resurrected from the grave to prove His power over death and to offer the same power to all those who repent of their sin and trust Him as the only way to Heaven. 

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