Oh God, You are my light and salvation.
You alone have power over sin.
You hide me from the temptation
when Satan comes creeping in.
For You are my strength and my song,
you help me to stand up and sing.
You hold my hand all the day long,
and show me, You are my King.

You are gracious, Oh Lord, to help me so poor and needy,
my cry flies swiftly to your keen ears,
my heart is so sinful and greedy,
and full of ungodly fears.
If it is your will, please hear all my cries,
I plead with you dear Lord and Father,
as the tears run down my eyes.

I know it is not a bother,
to grant me your forgiveness
and ever abounding love.
But my ever abounding weakness,
is keeping my eyes above.

So please make me ever praying,
and keeping my eyes on you,
and your holy Word still craving,
and my words, not swift, but few.

I love you my dear Heavenly Lord,
and I wish to love you so much more.
May I study your two-edged Sword,
and worship you and ever adore.

PrayerHandsNotice the verse “My ever abounding weakness, is keeping my eyes above”? When I wrote this poem a few years ago I did not understand why I was having this problem.  I understood everything I needed to know except one key thing:  In order to, keep “my eyes above” I needed to be fellowshipping with my Father each day.  That was something I was not doing, yes I prayed three times a da
y when I had breakfast, lunch and dinner, but not much more than that.  I was also not faithful in my devotions as I should have been.  I wanted to connect with my Heavenly Father, but was not communicating with Him through prayer and His Word.

Even now I find myself forgetting to spend time with Him, slipping back into old routines. But with my Father’s help, I know I can persevere.  Remember Isaiah 41:10,

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

How about you? Are you finding the same struggle to depend on the Lord each day?  If not, try communicating with Him through prayer, and seeking help from His Word each and every day!  I find letting the Lord be the first thing in the morning helps me get through the struggles in everyday life.

Contributed by: Valerie Mitchel


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