I was meditating on last Sunday’s message “Happy Father’s Day” along with previous messages I recently preached from Matthew 6 and was reminded again of the privileges that accompany having a Heavenly Father.

Here are few reminders . . . aka. . . blessings that we have since we can pray “Our Father in Heaven”.

First, we have been adopted by God and brought into His family.(Rom. 8:15; Eph. 1:5) God did not choose us because we had something to offer in exchange. He did not choose us because of our inherent goodness. He chose us because He is good and merciful. With this adoption comes a new name. We are called His sons and daughters and belong to His family with all the privileges that accompany being adopted into a royal family. No one can take this privilege away and nothing we do will ever cause God to remove this adoption (Jn. 10:26). We are His forever and He is our Father for all eternity! Let the reality of that truth “sink in”.

Secondly, He provides for our needs. (Matt. 6:11, 25-33). He provides daily food for the birds and reminds us that we are more valuable than birds. He has obligated Himself to provide for our necessities and wants us to learn that life is more than simply “food and clothing”. Our world is fixated and consumed with making life’s necessities into idols. We used trust God to provide these so we can focus on “seeking God kingdom and His righteousness.

Thirdly, we are protected. Jesus taught His disciples to pray “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil” (Matt. 6:13). Having a Heavenly Father means we have an omnipotent (all-powerful) God who will protect us from overwhelming temptations and will provide a way of escape as well (I Cor. 10:13). Unbelievers have no promise of protection from their inner sin nature that allures them and outward temptation from the Devil and his minions.

Being a Christian is difficult. There is no doubt about that, but the privileges that are ours because He is our Father more than outweigh any temporary difficulty we face.

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and let all that is in me bless His holy name”- Psalm103:1

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