Accusations are being hurled everywhere in our world! Politicians accuse each other of multiple wrongs. Parents accuse children of disobedience and disrespect. Employees accuse employers of harassment and mistreatment. It seems that almost everyone is involved in some type of accusation! And, worst of all, accusations can ruin a person’s life if accused by the right person at the right time!
advocatenotextBut the worst accusations being spoken are by the Devil, the accuser of the brethren, as he accuses believers “day and night” before the Throne of God (Rev. 12:10). And he is right! We are sinners who offend God and His laws everyday of our lives. So, what are we to do?
The Apostle John said “We have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the Righteous!” – I John 2:1. Yes, we are guilty of all the accusations hurled at us by the Devil, but having put on Jesus Christ we are counted as righteous in God’s sight, the Judge.
So when the Devil reminds you of your unworthiness before God remind him of your Advocate! If you struggle with sin today turn to Jesus who alone can and will forgive you and give you grace.
Pastor Darrin
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